Frequently Asked Questions -  Online Reports

Q : I just listed my property, how can I access online showing and activity reports?
A:  You will be assigned a private pin number which will allow you to access your reports. If you gave your agent an email address, your pin number will be emailed to you the first time feedback becomes available.. If not, your agent will call you with the number.
Q:  How soon will agent and buyer feedback appear in my report after a showing?
A:   Usually within 72 hours after a showing has taken place. Some reporting may take longer. You should not expect to see feedback immediately after a showing. The showing agents don't normally respond that quickly.
Q:  How is the feedback information collected?
A:  Most feedback is obtained automatically when the showing agent fills out an online feedback form. That form triggers the email you receive telling you that new information is available for viewing in your report.
Some showing agents preferred to email or text in their feedback comments. In that case, the information must be typed into the showings data base and the email is sent to you after that.
Q:  Why is my showing report missing some of the buyer or agent feedback information?
A:  Buyer and agent feedback is done on a purely voluntary basis. Under the MLS rules, your property can be shown by agents who work for other agencies. Each time an agent requests a showing, we ask him or her to provide us with their client's feedback after the showing. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and we then have to try to track down the agent to get this feedback. Because of the large number of part-time agents, it is not always possible to make contact within our target of 72 hours. Some agents choose to never report feedback and we do not have the ability to force them to give their comments to us.
Q:  Why doesn't my showing report show the buyer's name, phone number, etc. ?
A:  Under the buyer agency laws of Illinois, prospective buyers can be represented by an agent in the same way a seller is. However, unlike the seller/client relationship, the buyer/agent relationship is rarely exclusive, and therefore, agents do not reveal the names of the buyers they are working with. They are concerned that competing agents would lure them away.